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Because my collection is redesigned, you will not find standard european fixed sizes. Instead the entire collection has details in cm; breast, hips, waist and length. Sometimes you will be able to find ½ sizes.

** In the sizeguide below I will also state the approximate size corresponding to the European sizestandard. Please note, that the sizes for Petite/Tall and Curve & Plus Size can deviate from this scale. See below tables. This is the why I recommend that you take your own measurements and check them up against the measurements that I’m stating. Should you buy some of my Redesigns and you find that they could use some small adjustments, you’re most welcome to drop by and we’ll soon be able to see if we can adjust to fit your size. Unfortunately I cannot offer you shipment free of charge because this is my hobby and therefor I do not have the means to offer this service.

This is how I measure my Redesigns

  • Breast = is measured from the lower part of the sleeve and across
  • Length = from top to bottom 
  • Waist  = is measured on the inside of the waistband and in some cases also on the inside of the blouses 
  • Hip = is measured on the middle of the hip and across
  • Elasticity = is measured when it’s tight and loose
  • Materials = Cloth, pearls, blonds etc

Petite/Tall size definition

The european Petite sizes from 30-36 or XXS-S, includes a breastwidth from 76-88 cm. A waistline from 58-70 cm. A hipwidth from 83-95. Petite includes persons up to 160 cm tall. Tall includes persons from 175 and above.

Curve & Plus Size

The european Curve & Plus Sizes from 48-56 has a breastwidth from 117-140 cm. A size below breast from 100-123. A waistline from 120-125 cm. A hipwidth from 123-146.

Let me find the clothes that fits your size

If you send a mail to with your measurements, then I’ll find the Redesigns that fits you. Then you will receive a mail with relevant links and then you can decide if I’ve redesigned something you like. The measurements I need from you are: Breast, Waist, Hips, length on skirt or dress and trouser length.  

Find your size

In this guide you’ll get an overview by size:

Feel free to contact me at any time, if you have questions to these measurements. Phone 4082 9038 or mail And of course you’re also welcome to make an appointment to visit me. My opening hours are by appointment.

Kind regards FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

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