Size guide

Because my collection is redesigned, you will not find standard european fixed sizes. Instead the entire collection has details in cm; breast, hips, waist and length. Sometimes you will be able to find ½ sizes.

Petite (size 36 or below) and Curve & Plus size (46 and above)

If you can find time and would like to help me present this particular clothes in my collection, please let me know. If you do not wish to show your face, we can make some fun with hats or other crazy things. I’ll guarantee we’ll have a lot of fun making the pictures. I know I had when I made my first pictures. Some of my redesigns are semi taylormade ie. I only need to adjust the last details in order to make it fit the interested customer.

Also I would like to get your opinion of what kind of clothes you cannot find in the usual shops and I’ll do my best to make it a part of my future collection.

Size 38-46

Besides Petite and Curve & Plus Size, I have lots of in-between sizes. And when I believe my size guide is relevant, it’s because my redesigns no longer have international standard sizes. The below size guide will give you a quick overview of the clothes that fits you. The headlines links to each specific area. All measurements are stated in cm.

  • Breast = is measured from the lower part of the sleeve and across
  • Length = from top to bottom 
  • Waist  = is measured on the inside of the waistband and in some cases also on the inside of the blouses 
  • Hip = is measured on the middle of the hip and across
  • Elasticity = is measured when it’s tight and loose
  • Materials = Cloth, pearls, blonds etc

Kind regards FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen


Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cm:Fabric
2020-02-1010265100% Cotton


Itemno.:Length in cmWaist in cmHip in cmElasticityFabric
2020-02-626664-102112Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-617164-90104Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-609782-90104-128YesDenim/Stretch Denim


Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cmElasticityFabric
2020-02-04100100Partly“Parachute” with lining

Kimono and similar

Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cmShoulder in cmWidth in cmFabric
2020-02-02128128122Outside: Thai Silk
Lining: 100% Cotton


Itemno.:Lenght in cmWaist in cmHip in cmElasticityFabric
2020-02-3777 (or on demand)120120NoCotton
2020-02-477884No“Parachute fabric”
2020-02-0550YesMohair with loose lining
2020-02-087087-88NoDenim and ?
2020-02-0662-7898No“Parachute fabric” and Ties
2020-02-345397NoImitation Suede
2020-02-295282NoChiffon, ties and lining
2020-02-444992106NoFurniture fabric (pre-washed)
2020-02-506566-9090In waistCotton etc


Itemno.:Lenght in cmOnesizeFabric


Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cmWaist in cmHip in cmElasticityYarn
2020-02-558988-100Yes100% Viscose
2020-02-568988-100Yes100% Viscose
2020-02-369658Yes50% Cotton/
50% Wool
2020-02-119270Shoulder 41Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-1410664Shoulder 53Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-1710860Shoulder 53Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-1211062Yes100% Cotton
2020-02-1563Shoulder 42Yes100% organic
2020-02-4313067Strap hight: 25YesVarious Cotton
2020-02-1860Shoulder 50YesCotton loop
2020-02-1914474Yes100% Merino
2020-02-4213085YesGuissing Wool
and Acrylic
2020-02-268586-92Various yarns

Petite (size 36 and below)

Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cmWaist in cmHipElasticityFabric
2020-02-3998Blouse 58
Pants 94
Pants 80No

Curve & Plus Size (size 46 and above)

Itemno.: Breast in cmLenght in cmWaist in cmHipElasticityFabric
2020-02-4313067JaVarious Cotton yarns
2020-02-27146130Shoulder 73146JaVarious yarns

For men and boys

Itemno.:Breast in cmLenght in cmWaist in cmHip in cmElasticityFabric