2022 for FieFit Redesign

Happy New Year

I wish you and your family a happy and joyfull New Year 2022. With all my heart, I hope that we will all be able to find a balance in life, which includes a new way of living with Covid-19. Because something tells me, that this pandemic is here to stay. Experience has taught me, that ignoring the facts, and pretending that everything is dandy, when in fact it’s not, that is not the way going forward. I have learned the hard way to acknowledge my challenges; that being healthwise, jobwise or personally. By doing just that, it’s like an uninvited guest whom we just place in the corner, while we keep on dancing. I’m not saying that I’m always sucessfull using this strategy but when I do succeed, it’s really a good solution. 

Changes in 2022 

These days we’re starting a whole new year, and even though I usually do not have any wishes, or promises this time of year, I do have one idea that I wish to include you in. And don’t worry, it will neither include your work nor your money 😉 

After finalizing my Entrepreneur education in the spring of 2018, it was my plan to establish a small company; that is getting a company registered the proper way, settling the accounts monthly etc. But it soon became clear to me, that all I wanted at this time in my life, was a hobby and not a company with official obligations, deadlines and responsibilities. After 41 years in the labourmarket, I needed to feel more relaxed about my time and energy. After all, the main thing for me now, is to focus on my workshop, giving old clothes new lifes, and hopefully get to meet creative people at my workshops. I call my creations for Redesigns, others might call it upcycling. At the same time I’ve established this webpage, which I also like to spend time on refining and updating.  

FieFit Redesign on SoMe

In addition to my webpage, I also show my Redesigns on TwitterPinterest, Google via my webpage and of course LinkedIn. Lately I’ve also made a FieFit profile on Trendsales, in the hope that I can establish an additional saleschannel there. And last but not least, it is my plan to post videos on YouTube during 2022. My plan is to show my Redesigns in another way, and I also have plans to present DIY guides.   

Click and buy is now – almost – possible

It is now possible to order my Redesigns online. For now it will be by mail or phone, but I’m working on a solution to “click-and-buy” directly from the webpage. If you know how2do this, please please let me know 😉 So far I’ve preferred having customers in my workshop because of my Redesigns not corresponding to European standardsizes. On the other hand, when I give measurements in cm it should be much easier to find the excact size needed. 

Interesting Blog posts

Another thing that I’m really proud of, is my blog, which you’re reading now. The purpose is to inform about new Redesigns, what we learn in my workshops and also other interesting things that I come across or have on my mind. For instance, have you thought of the amount of challenges a tie has to face? Right? But I have. Check out my 2020 blog below. In the Magazine LIV, I read a very interesting article by Lea. She’s telling us how it is to be Curve and Plus Size. And even though you might not be this size, I’m sure you’ll find the article interesting. Read it in my 2021 blog below. Or have you realized how many phases of life we have today? Child – adult – old. Nope, we’re up to 5 phases by now, and you can read more about this in my 2019 blog below.  

Creative workshops

My workshops have come of to a good start in autumn and winter 2021. Which is why I feel optimistic and has uploaded 2022 dates. And I’ve already received subscriptions 😊 In order for all of us to feel safe at my workshops, I’ve decided that we will be 4 persons, and no more, in each workshop. At the same time I also require that we’re all vaccinated and tested before each workshop. And yes, I know that vaccinations are a subject for discussions, which is why I’ve carefully described my reasons and consideratios in my webpage. And so far it’s been accepted all way round.


One of my goals for 2022 is to visualize my Redesigns even more. I’ve decided to send mails with a link to my latest blog, and the sender will be In my blog updates, I will link to news on my webpage. I will not spam your inbox and in return you will not get a trillion Facebook updates from me 😊 I hope you will follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn and, in a little while, you’ll also be able to follow me on YouTube. If it’s possible to follow this webpage, I’ll let you know in a later blog update. I do hope you will find a way to keep updated, it will make my life so much more fun. If so, please drop me a line to And of course, I’ll be sad if you don’t want to, but I will, for sure, respect that decision too.  

A long runup

It has taken me 1.193 days to get this far. So much has happened during these 1.193 days, since my last official day at work in Nordea. Luckily I’m still enjoying life with mr. Svendsen and Maggie, our lovely home and garden. And I sincerely hope, that we might meet again during spring or summer. Maybe in our garden, maybe somewhere else?

Take care and stay safe.

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