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Social media

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you might have noticed the recent dialogue concerning the purpose with this specific media. Some people find it natural to use LinkedIn as a datingsite. In addition there seems to be a new trend from Danish politicians to use LinkedIn to agitate for their political views, and I’ve seen comments about views like this belongs in Facebook. Sport events and status about the war in Ukraine are also getting  comments that are not pleasant to read.  

All of the above has made me rethink having a profile in LinkedIn. I have always considered LinkedIn to be the only professional media for professional networking and knowledgesha­ring. And if LinkedIn is heading towards a Facebook ver2, then it’s no longer a media I want to use. I’m not closing down my LinkedIn profile – yet – but I will put it on stand-by.  

I’m sure there are a lot of good reasons for why we choose the specific Social Media that we all use. And so should it be. If you want to be updated on everything that’s happening within FieFit Redesign, I have following options for you:

Click and buy through my adds in Trendsales

And now I’m happy to tell you, that you have the ”Click and buy” option for all my Rede­signs. The link will lead you directly to my add in Trendsales and then shipment and pay­ments are taken care of by Trendsales. Which is safe and professionally taken care of for both you and me. All my prices are fixed, and I’m very happy to announce, that I’ve already sold two Redesigns through Trendsales. And the buyers have rated their purchases with a 😊

Your personal guide to find the right clothes

In addition to my sizeguide, you are most welcome to send me your measurements and some information about what kind of clothes, that you are interested in. Whether it’s a dress, pants, outerwear, scarfs, hats, gloes etc. Based on your information, I will send you links to the specific FieFit Redesigns, that fits you.

My new sewingmachine

After updating my website with ”Click and buy”, I’ve now started learning how to use my new sewingmachine. It was fitted from the factory with both under- and overthread which enabled me to start with some few easy tasks. One of them was redesigning sleeves in one of my own blouses. And the next was a new linnen in one of my own skirts.  

My next task was to transfer 53 metalcoils to the new plastic coils. And even though the sewingmachine comes with a very good manual in Danish, I also found some YouTube videos showing close-up how to do. And I can tell you, that there’s a huge difference from my old mechanical sewingmachine and to this new digital sewingmachine. I’m really loo­king forward to learning much more about how to use it.

And again I must emphasize the support and service from the staff at the Symaskine­shoppen in Roskilde, where I purchased the sewingmachine. They are always very help­full either on phone or when you drop by the shop. They also host sewing courses and sewingcafées, where you can bring your own sewingmachine and spend some hours getting inspiration from the other participants.

Custommade bags

Last week I was contacted by a car owner who wanted to have custommade bags for his Porche 944. Wau, it was a good looking car 😊. We took measurements and agreed on materials and design. We agreed, that I should take the time needed to learn how to use my new sewingmachine, and afterwards make our own new custommade bags for our own car. Once they’re finalized, we will see if the design gets approved to the Porche. And if so, you’ll be the first to know 😊.

Curve and Plus Size

When I upload pictures of my Curve and Plus Size Redesigns, I’ve noticed there’s some interest. And even though it’s become more common to see both fysical and online shops selling Curve and Plus Size, then I encourage you to share my posts either from Instagram or from my website, should you know women using Curve and Plus size, and who also wants to be climate aware and thus wear upcycled clothes. And I was very pleased when I sold my beautifull homeknitted sweaterjacket .


And I’d like to encourage you to do the same for the women using Petite size. Ie. sizes from 34 and smaller. Do share my posts and uplads, if you know of someone that might be interested.  


If you find some of the above inspirering, and maybe have some clothes that you’re no longer using, and would like some input on how to redesign, then please check out if some of my workshop dates fits into your busy schedule. If not, you’re always welcome to drop by, just remember to make an appointment first. And if that’s not possible either, then send me some pictures and we can  mail or talk on the phone, Facetime or Skype. A good advice is free of charge. is also in english

Please note, that you can share my site with family and friends outside Denmark, as I always make english translations  of all the pages.

If you wish to unsubscribe my newslettrs, drop me a mail: and I’ll delete you from the list.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards from FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

Juni 2022

New prices

As mentioned in the blog from May, I’ve now adjusted all my prices. To significant lower price level. The prices are visible in my webpage, on Instagram, Twitter and in Trendsales, in which I’m working up uploading all my Redesigns.

Click and buy through Trendsales

And by uploading all my Redesigns to Trendsales I’m able to make this Click and Buy function. This way it’s much easier to purchase online and Trendsales are taking care of the delivery and payment proces. This is my way to compete with ordinary webpages offering online purchases. And this set-up makes me feel confident, that security in all levels is top class. Another reason that I prefer this set-up, is because here I can show, that all my prices are fixed, and thus I do not have to risk getting offers that are not serious. To put it in very diplomatic terms ..


I’ve not yet given up on uploading small videos in my webpage, But when I research into videoes today, which are focusing on recycling and upcycling, I find it a bit out of my league. It appears to be the media for very young girls, and they focus more on taking selfies and not about the clothes as such. On the other hand, when I check out english You Tube videoes about the same subject, then it’s more to my liking. Very informative and professionelly made. If I find the form, that I can see myself in, then you’ll be the first to know. And do not hesitate to contact me, if you have ideas and/or experience about how to make these videos.


Are now avaiable in both danish and english.


I’m updating my blog with news about once a month. And then I’m sending you a link to my blog. If you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to these news, of if you prefer a link by text message/SMS, just drop me a line to

You’re also most welcome to forward my mails, in case you think of someone who might be interested.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

May 2022

New prices

When I began creating my Redesigns in 2018, it was difficult to find the right pricelevel. By then, I was almost alone in this market, but since then, a lot of creative people have started to “up­cycler”/redesign recyclet clothes. And strangely, this particular area has seen much lower pricelevels in contrast to almost everything else.

Now I’ve adjusted my prices to be on the same level, as most of the Redesigns I find on Instagram and Twitter. Naturally you will find much more expensive clothes too, but I prefer more flow in my sales.  

That means introducing three major changes.

  1. On top of each page, I’ve added a link to index and a guide on how to benefit most, when reading my webpage. And no, I do not take my readers to be less intelligent, not at all. But you need to double click on each headline in order to get my introduction and description to the following pages. And I’m not sure everybody gets that from the start.
  2. Secondly, I’ve reduced all my Redesigns by 50-75% and removed all previous discounts. They were only visible provided you read my blog, and I’m not sure, that was for everybody to read.
  3. Last but not least, I’ve made it more visible, that when you buy one of my Redesigns, you get to choose a side benefit. I’ve added a link after each price. Because even though it’s stated under sales and delivery information, well, it’s not every visitor who finds this particular information.

Curve and Plus Size

And finally, I found a fabulous Curve og Plus size model. Enjoy all the great pictures – and Redesigns – under Curve and Plus Size.

Production stand-by

As mentioned in my latest blot, I’ve got a new sewingmachine. I’ve not started using it because of all the updates in I only need to make a few updates in my sizeguide, and that will be finalized in the nearest future.

Fies flea market

In the nearest future, I will add a new headline called, ”Fies flea market” Here you will find a lot of our own things, that we no longer use. That is, everything else but my Redesigns. Under each picture I’ll link to the specific site on and – should you feel tempted – you can either order from Trendsales and have it delivered, or you can drop by here, and safe money for delivery 😊.


I will update and distribute my blog with news from, approximately once a month. If you want to subscribe – or to cancel a subscription – please drop me a line to

Take care and be safe.

Best regards FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

April 2022

My sewingmachine has retired!

After more than 50 years, and a couple of visits to the repairshop, it became clear that yet another repair would not end well, and the decision to buy a new sewingmachine had to be taken. Even though I had suspected as much, I had hoped that this could wait a while longer. But after some discussions, weighing pros and cons, we decided to buy a new Husqvarna. And what a fabulous thing that is. My old sewing­ma­chine was mechanical, obviously, and all new sewingmachines are digital. It will be ama­zing to get to know all its features, and as far as I can see, from the 64 pages of manual, I will be able to make so many fantastic things. Which means, my dear friends, that it will be a while before you will see new Redesigns. Except some projects which are being sewed by hand, whereas cus­hions- and gardencushioncovers etc will have to wait a while.

And talking about sewingmachines, support and repairshops, allow me to recommend Symaskineshoppen in Roskilde. They really know their craft, they give good advice, have a lot of sewingmachines to choose from, even used ones as well. They also have fine quality of threads, laces and lots of other spareparts. Everytime we’ve visited this shop, one of the owners has customers sitting with their own sewingmachi-nes, getting advice and showing tips and tricks. Symaskineshoppen also runs a sewing-café, and here you can bring your own sewingmachine, exchange good ideas, tips and tricks from other creative people. As soon as I’ve practised a while on my new sewingmachine, it is my intention to participate a couple of ti-mes, to learn from the best.

Spring discounts

20% discount on all outerwear and knitwear and 15% discount for the rest of my Redesigns until June 1st . And remember to choose a sidebonus. More details about KNITWEAR and OUTERWEAR including knitwear under CURVE AND PLUS SIZE

Latest Redesigns

It is fun to redesign Svendsens old jackets. One down, two to go. I’m halfway through no. two. My guess is, that the size is around 44-46. And this work is all done by hand ie. it is not delayed while I get to know my new sewingmachine. You will find them under JACKETS, KIMONO ETC .

Covers for sofa cushions

My 6 sofacushions are done and delivered to a very satisfied customer. You will find pic­tures and details under Garden-cushions and sofa-cushions.


Are you as exited as me to prepare your garden for spring and summer? During Easter we managed to clean our garden furniture, bring out the gardencushions from winter­storage and the terraces are now clean and ready for use. While I’m writing to you, I’m sitting on our southfacing terrace in our swing, enjoying the sun and warm weather. If you find that the colours of your gardencushions are bleached due to the sun, or maybe a bit worn out, maybe it’s time to consider making some new covers, instead of buying new ones. If you have a sewingmachine, some heavy fabric lying around, and a couple of zippers, then it’s not that difficult to freshen them up. I’ve done it myself, for the first time ever, and I think they came out okay.

You will find pictures and inspiration under Garden-cushions and sofa-cushions. I’ll be happy to guide you if needed, and also sew them for you. That is, if you can wait a while until I’ve learned to use my new sewingmachine.

FieFit now on Trendsales

Phewww, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. In addition to my website, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, I have now started a new saleschannel on I will continue uploading all my Redesigns in the near future, and then I’ll just wait and see what this might bring. If you do not know of Trendsales, I suggest that you look into the concept they are offering. In my opinion it provides more security and support than for instance DBA or Facebook marketplace. You do not have to think about delivery costs when sel­ling items on Trendsales. That is taken care of by Trendsales together with the buyer. And ofcourse you can also find an app for Trend­sales. I’ve also put a lot of my private things up for sale; shoes, boots, overcoats and bags. Sometimes Trendsales offers peri­ods free of delivery costs for buyers, which you will get up­dates about, as soon as you make your Trendsales profile.


I’m updating my blog once a month or thereabout. This is done by mail to a list of sub­scribers. All you have to do, is send a mail to:, if you’re not on the list yet. And then you will receive inspiration, tips, tricks and updates on new FieFit Re­de­signs for sale.   

Take care and stay safe

Kind regards FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

March 2022

Final sprint discount of all my winter Redesigns

You will get a 15% discount on all outerwear and knitwear from today and until May 1st.  And remember to choose your SIDE BENEFIT. You will find the selections under KNITWEAR and OUTERWEAR and also special knitwear under CURVE AND PLUS SIZE

New workshop datoer

In the beginning of 2022 I uploaded ”running” weekdays. Since then I’ve changed it to the last Monday of each Month. As mentioned in my previous blog I’ve already hosted some very creative and good workshops. I’ve really enjoyed them all. We’ve been up to 4 persons, including me each time and I find that an appropriate number of participants, because it makes it possible for all of us to engage in the same dialogue all the time. Which I think is very important.

We have also talked about, what it would take to make it easy for my guests to make space in their busy lifes, to participate in my workshops. And we agreed that a fixed weekday and a fixed interval, would be easy to plan and to fit in. With few exceptions throughout 2022, this is how my workshops will be scheduled from now on.  

Sometimes my workshop participants will receive a small task before the workshop; for instance to bring something that we are going to work with. As a suggestion of course. For the workshop on Monday next week, I plan to see if we can draw with Acrylic pens on disposable bottles 😊

Subscription preferably a couple of days ahead: and cellphone 4082 9038. See you?

Updated size-guide

I am really proud of my new size-guide. It enables you to find your excact size, and then follow the link to the specific Redesigns, that fits you perfect. This also makes it much easier to order online and to avoid ending up with the wrong size. Even though I will always appreciate a visit from you.

Instagram debut

As mentioned earlier, FieFit Redesign is now available on, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Google updates me on a regular basis on the number of visitors to my website and I get many ”likes” and © on Twitter and LinkedIn. And that makes me really happy and proud. Fingers crossed that customers, or maybe new participants in my workshops, will follow 😊

Having used Twitter for some months now, I have “met” a lot of creative and sweet people who “likes” my uploads. They are mainly from England, Holland, USA, Germany etc, and I get a lot of inspiration from each and everyone. But as you can understand, they are not likely to drop by for a “cupper” – even though it would be fun. Based on my experience, it appears that Danes are more likely to use Instagram over Twitter and Pinterest.

Big sigh, because Instagram (owned by Facebook which is not my ”cupper”) is a huge challenge for me. But as a wise man once said: ”If you can’t beat them, join them”. And since one of my rules of life is: ”If you do as you usually do, then you get the same result as you usually get” – well, then I have to acknowledge, that since I do not want the same as I usually have, then somethings gotta give. Embrace yourself, because a couple of days ago I revived my Instagram profile. And today I have 12 Followers – how about that? When I mention revived, it’s because I actually made my profile back in 2018 when I took my Entrepreneur­education. One of the participants helped me make it, I’ve just never came about to using it.

Besides the relationship with Facebook, another reason for not using Instagram earlier, is that it’s very important for me to show “before” and “after” pictures at the same time. Otherwise my concept does not make any sence. And by doing that, my uploads appear more like a collage because each upload consists of several pictures at the same time. And I’ve always felt, that they will not be as presentable as showing one picture at a time. But time will tell. However, I notice, that when I Google for instance #upcyclingclothes – then appears very quickly. And I like that 😊

In addition to all of the above, I also have to learn how to use #. So far, I’ve used a number of # on my website, Twitter and Instagram. Fingers crossed, that it works. This is really learning by doing, and I enjoy working with all these medias.

My latest Redesigns

Lately I’ve made a combination of a Hoodie and a shirt. And it was really fun to make. It was like the ideas popped up while I worked. Next Redesign in pipeline is “feminizing” one of Svendsens old jackets. At least I do not think that the laces and colours will have a male appeal 😊 If you like it, then I’m sure you will also like the next one, because I have one more of Svendsens jackets to Redesign. And the good thing, is that I believe it will be a Curve and Plus Size to look forward to.

Meanwhile I’ve got a customer for 6 sofa cushions. And that’s also a fun task, because I received one piece of fabric from which I’ve been asked to make 2 large and 4 smaller cushions. I’m allowed to use my own imagination and before I started, I visited the customer with a number of additional fabrics for the customer to choose between. We found a fabric that fitted into the other colours in her home, and now I can start. It even looks as if I have fabric enough for even more cushions than ordered. Let’s see if I use the extra fabric for testing or I might be able to surprise her. Could be fun.

I’m looking forward to uploading the Redesigned cushions.

Covid 19 restrictions

Since the infection rate is low again, I no longer ask visiting customers to be vaccinated. Phewww, it was tough to even have to write it. Still, Svendsen and I have got all three vaccination shots and I’m relieved to be able to welcome you today if you’re healthy and without Covid-19 symptoms. I havent started on shaking hands or giving hugs yet, but still, the important thing for me is, that we can see other people again, and it makes a world of difference. Naturally I’ll act accordingly should the infectionrate change, or should we get new restrictions.

I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather and that Spring is just around the corner. Maybe you even have some nice vacationplans to look forward to. We are hopefull this year, that we do not have to cancel yet again. Third time’s a charm, as the saying goes.

Take care and be safe.

Kind regards from FieFit Redesign

Janeth Svendsen

2022 for FieFit Redesign

Happy New Year

I wish you and your family a happy and joyfull New Year 2022. With all my heart, I hope that we will all be able to find a balance in life, which includes a new way of living with Covid-19. Because something tells me, that this pandemic is here to stay. Experience has taught me, that ignoring the facts, and pretending that everything is dandy, when in fact it’s not, that is not the way going forward. I have learned the hard way to acknowledge my challenges; that being healthwise, jobwise or personally. By doing just that, it’s like an uninvited guest whom we just place in the corner, while we keep on dancing. I’m not saying that I’m always sucessfull using this strategy but when I do succeed, it’s really a good solution. 

Changes in 2022 

These days we’re starting a whole new year, and even though I usually do not have any wishes, or promises this time of year, I do have one idea that I wish to include you in. And don’t worry, it will neither include your work nor your money 😉 

After finalizing my Entrepreneur education in the spring of 2018, it was my plan to establish a small company; that is getting a company registered the proper way, settling the accounts monthly etc. But it soon became clear to me, that all I wanted at this time in my life, was a hobby and not a company with official obligations, deadlines and responsibilities. After 41 years in the labourmarket, I needed to feel more relaxed about my time and energy. After all, the main thing for me now, is to focus on my workshop, giving old clothes new lifes, and hopefully get to meet creative people at my workshops. I call my creations for Redesigns, others might call it upcycling. At the same time I’ve established this webpage, which I also like to spend time on refining and updating.  

FieFit Redesign on SoMe

In addition to my webpage, I also show my Redesigns on TwitterPinterest, Google via my webpage and of course LinkedIn. Lately I’ve also made a FieFit profile on Trendsales, in the hope that I can establish an additional saleschannel there. And last but not least, it is my plan to post videos on YouTube during 2022. My plan is to show my Redesigns in another way, and I also have plans to present DIY guides.   

Click and buy is now – almost – possible

It is now possible to order my Redesigns online. For now it will be by mail or phone, but I’m working on a solution to “click-and-buy” directly from the webpage. If you know how2do this, please please let me know 😉 So far I’ve preferred having customers in my workshop because of my Redesigns not corresponding to European standardsizes. On the other hand, when I give measurements in cm it should be much easier to find the excact size needed. 

Interesting Blog posts

Another thing that I’m really proud of, is my blog, which you’re reading now. The purpose is to inform about new Redesigns, what we learn in my workshops and also other interesting things that I come across or have on my mind. For instance, have you thought of the amount of challenges a tie has to face? Right? But I have. Check out my 2020 blog below. In the Magazine LIV, I read a very interesting article by Lea. She’s telling us how it is to be Curve and Plus Size. And even though you might not be this size, I’m sure you’ll find the article interesting. Read it in my 2021 blog below. Or have you realized how many phases of life we have today? Child – adult – old. Nope, we’re up to 5 phases by now, and you can read more about this in my 2019 blog below.  

Creative workshops

My workshops have come of to a good start in autumn and winter 2021. Which is why I feel optimistic and has uploaded 2022 dates. And I’ve already received subscriptions 😊 In order for all of us to feel safe at my workshops, I’ve decided that we will be 4 persons, and no more, in each workshop. At the same time I also require that we’re all vaccinated and tested before each workshop. And yes, I know that vaccinations are a subject for discussions, which is why I’ve carefully described my reasons and consideratios in my webpage. And so far it’s been accepted all way round.


One of my goals for 2022 is to visualize my Redesigns even more. I’ve decided to send mails with a link to my latest blog, and the sender will be In my blog updates, I will link to news on my webpage. I will not spam your inbox and in return you will not get a trillion Facebook updates from me 😊 I hope you will follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn and, in a little while, you’ll also be able to follow me on YouTube. If it’s possible to follow this webpage, I’ll let you know in a later blog update. I do hope you will find a way to keep updated, it will make my life so much more fun. If so, please drop me a line to And of course, I’ll be sad if you don’t want to, but I will, for sure, respect that decision too.  

A long runup

It has taken me 1.193 days to get this far. So much has happened during these 1.193 days, since my last official day at work in Nordea. Luckily I’m still enjoying life with mr. Svendsen and Maggie, our lovely home and garden. And I sincerely hope, that we might meet again during spring or summer. Maybe in our garden, maybe somewhere else?

Take care and stay safe.

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