In my Blog I will keep you updated on new redesigns, what goes on in my workshops and guestspeaker events, if I meet funny guests in my shop and of course reminders of dates for workshops and guestspeaker events. Another example is, that I sometimes need models to show my redesigns. Since I prioritize having redesigns in all shapes and sizes, I prefer to show the clothes on the persons that fits it.

It is my sincere hope, that this year ie. 2021, will bring some kind of normality back into our daily lifes. Maybe not entirely as it was before Covid-19 but it’s a start, that we can start feeling safe among family and friends again. At least that has made a world of difference to my husband and I. And it all began when we both had our Covid-19 vaccinations.

I sincerely hope, that autumn 2021 will be the time and space for new friendships, dates for workshops and guestspeaker events and a chance for me to show all my redesigns. I can assure you that the will and the ideas are alive and I hope to be able to see you soon.