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”Loves me – loves me not – loves me ….”

This time, 3 years ago, I was finalizing my education to becoming an Entrepreneur. By then it was my goal to get FieFit Redesign registered as a company. During the following year I ex­pe­rien­ced sincere doubt. Was I really up to taking on the responsibility of reporting tax- and VAT, production, estab­lishing and maintaining a website and what-not. And in the end, I decided against it and instead settle for a hobby. And that decision hasn’t changed my desire to Re­de­sign both clothes, bags, snuggle-rings, pillows and covers for garden cushions.

But as we looked into yet another period with even higher infectionrate as we’ve experienced previously, a new Covid-19 mutation, facemasks and restrictions all over again, I must admit, that I became very close to giving away all my Redesigns, close down my workshop and reestab­lish our guestroom.  

Until one of my guests from my November Workshop, came up with some suggestions on how to change the FieFit Redesign concept. It was in the nick of time, but I found many of the ideas doable. And in my world, there’s not long from thought to action. I decided to go through all my boxes with recycled clothes, intended to be Redesigned. I have to admit, that I had received way too much clothes from the start. Now I took away almost 1/3 of it all, keeping only clothes that I knew would be extra fun to Redesign. It sum­med up to quite a lot of bags that I decided to handover to either our Activity- and Volunteercenter or the Re­cyc­ling­center.

Then I decided to change my website to a click and buy set-up. So far, I’d seen too many chal­lenges in this set-up, because my Redesigns doesn’t have European standardsizes, thus making it hard to sell online. On the other hand, I publish all my Redesigns in cm, which actually should give potential buyers a much easier way to find their excact size. And maybe it would be even easier this way. I hope my size-guide will turn out to be helpful before pressing the click and buy button. Until I’ve added a ”click and buy” button, you’re welcome to mail og text me, if you find something you want to buy.

I will also add a folder with terms of payment and delivery under HJEM/home. And that’s very important to me, as one of my concerns regarding a “Click-and-buy” set-up is, that I cannot offer shipment and returns free of charge. But now I’ve found a website regarding Con­su­merrights in Denmark, stating that since I am a private person, I have no obligations in that area. It’s the same as when we purchase things on websites like, or when we visit fleamarkets. Then the same rules apply ie. when you purchase from a private person, we have no rights about getting an item exchanged. Please find more information HERE. And because I know this works for so many people, including myself having used DBA numerous times, I found myself having one less area to worry about. And on top of that, I must admit, that I do not have the courage to invite customers into my home, looking into another Autumn and Winter with a high infection rate. Despite the fact that I’m vaccinated. I can only re­com­mend you to keep an eye on my website, because it won’t be long, before you will see it change into a “Click-and-buy” website 😊

As I became ready to upload and introduce my Redesigns, I obviously had to decide on a price­level. My sister-in-law and I found a suitable level, even though it is hard to compete with Recycling stores selling a skirt for 40 DKK. Not to mention the clothes we can buy in Føtex and Bilka. Having said that, I hope that my potential customers recognize the value in all my Re­designs having been through changes and that the price has to be just a bit higher. I will con­tinue to have this pricelevel, and instead of reducing prices in general, I’ve decided to offer discounts for for instance Black Friday, Christmasevents etc. And because of that, I’ve decided to offer a 10% discount if you subscribe to my Newsletters and also a 10% discount when you participate in my Workshops. All you have to do, is send a mail to mrk: ”Newsletter subscription” or text me to +45 4082 9038 mrk: ”Newsletters to mail: xx”

All in all, I’ve approached my entire concept like ”Loves me, loves me not, loves me ….” In addition to the above changes, I’ve also decided to cancel my idea of having guestspeaker-events. I’ve also decided to take away my Butterflies from the assortment. Instead I’ve decided to make a YouTube Channel in which I’ll show how I’ve made my Redesigns. Both to visualize my Redesigns in another way, but also to inspire on how to make your own Redesigns.

And yes, it’s a lot of changes, and they will not come to life in one day. But I do believe it’s changes for the better, which gives me the courage to carry on.

One of my goals, which is a bit further down the line, is to add the possibility to visit customers who wants to get advice on how to Redesign their wardrobe, or part of it. AND that I get to make these Redesigns. Even as I write this goal to you, I can feel the butterflies. But you have to have dreams, right? 😊

I would love to hear from you, if you have questions or comments to my blog. In that case, feel free to drop me a mail to:

I wish you a merry christmas and a new year bringing good health your way. It is my sincere hope, that 2022 will be the year that enables us to feel confident about the future. Something tells me, that Covid is going to be a part of our future, in one way or another. In that case I do hope, that we all will embrace and own the natural respect of taking care of each other.  

Best wishes from

FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen


Curve & Plus Size – about ideals and lack thereof

One of our Danish Magazines, ”Magasinet LIV” has a very interesting article in their Septem­ber 2021 edition. The author of this article is Lea Gaulshøj Thomsen and I truly recommend reading it: ”I’ve spent 40 years living from the neck and up. Please note, that the link has another headline than the article in the Magazine. My guess is, that you will recognize some of Leas’ ex­periences, from your own life, I know I did. And even though you may not be a Curve & Plus Size, I can almost guarantee, that the article will give you food for thought.

Let me start with some of Leas’ reflections and later on I’ll get back to mine as well. It’s impor­tant to me, that you know, that Lea has approved this blog.

Even though Lea is born in the late 1970s, it’s obvious to me, that she’s got the ”pleaser”-gene. I had hoped, that this gene died out with my generation. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the fact of the matter is, that Leas’ weight has been subject to the opinion of others for many years. In my experience, it’s like everybody feels they’re allowed to speak up, and talk openly about, a persons’ weight. Without hesitation and even directly to her face, and others like Lea as well. Which I think is both appauling and strange. Because reading Leas’ LinkedIn profile I’m ama­zed and full of admiration as to all the things, Lea has achieved. Howcome her weight can be more interesting than the person behind the weight? I can only speak from a professional point of view ie. based on the article and LinkedIn. I do not know Lea in person. I’m sad to say. I feel convinced that we would be able to inspire and support each other, should we meet one day. Unfortunately, it’s a long way from Silkeborg to Havdrup.

It makes me so sad to read, that Lea found it necessary to initiate a self-help group, in order to find the community that allowed her, “to be thick with other people and to share negative ex­pe­riences, low selfworth and shame”. Leas’ own words from the article. And maybe I’m ap­proaching this the wrong way, but I cannot help thinking, that my Redesigns could be a way, for fabulous women like Lea, to see things from another perspective. And why? Well, as I men­tion on my website, it is my believe, that way too many Curve og Plus Size women are hiding behind big black shirts and long black knit sweaters. I am convinced, that I can find lots of colourful clothes to promote the great smiles and fantastic mood, which I see on most Curve og Plus Size women. Lea is also dressed in black in the article. And even though I find her beautiful, I would love to challenge her wardrobe. And maybe you find me conceited, but the fact is that everytime I start a new Redesign, by diving into piles of clothes to work with, then my initial thought is how can I Redesign this piece of cloth to fit a Curve & Plus Size. Is my head filled with prejudices or do you dare to be challenged by me and my inner pink and lace ideas?

Another of Leas’ subjects that also makes me reflect on my own experience as well as challenges, is about a proces she’s working on now. Lea believes that ”shame, guilt and taboos disappears, once we start talking about them in present tense”. And I can relate to talking in present tense about things that carries a weight on you. With five chronic diseases, I know the feeling of “dealing with problems that are invisible to others”. Leas’ own words in the article. The dif­fe­rence between Lea’s challenges and mine, are, that mine are invisible and thus doesn’t make me exposed to the same harsh words as Lea, and others like Lea. For now, I’m working on my own, reflecting and giving my thoughts life in notes, that might end in a book someday. For now it’s my kind of therapy with the purpose of sharing it, when I’m ready.

I truly hope, that my workshops will turn out to be like an oasis for women. A place to live out our inner creative skills, learn new things but also to relearn how to be social after a long period of social abstinence. For me personally, I hope to rediscover myself on top of the challenges I’ve had during the last 4 years. Others might rediscover new ways both personally and jobwise. And yes, my workshops and my blogs are also help to selfhelp, because I know from experience how beneficial knowledgesharing and networking can be. Do you remember Madeleine Al­bright? A former American Minister of Foreign Affairs. She had a saying: ”There is a special place in Hell, for women that do not help each other”. That saying has stuck with me. In reality this applies for gender, culture, geography, religion and much more.  

My goal and purpose for my workshops has always been to replace the networks I had when I was working. Because networking and knowledgesharing makes people grow, makes people believe in themselves and makes people dare to embrace new challenges. Whether it’s on a personal level or within our professional career. And should my guests decide to come back, or maybe even spread nice words about my workshops and my Redesigns, that would make me SO proud and happy. And nothing tops that feeling.

I hope to be seing you.


Practise makes perfect and I’m certain that I’m looking into future interesting and good workshops. Provided the infection rate doesn’t hit the roof. Workshop dates are now uploaded to both Twitter, LinkedIn and Google and yesterday I hosted workshop #2. I had two registrations but unfortunately one cancellation due to illness. But we still had some good and inspirering hours and it gave me a new chance to introduce my Redesigns. And my silk kimono found a new home. Which was very nice to see that my work is appreciated. I hope to be seeing my guest again at one of my future workshops, maybe she’ll bring her friend next time.  

I still need to upload a few DIY pictures to Pinterest and then it’s back to my workshop again. This time it’s one of my own jackets that I’m putting on a tie as collar and then one of my own cotton blouses that has a heavy zipper that I want to replace with some english embroderi.

And then I have plans to upload videoes to YouTube. I believe it will give a better idea of my Redesigns, when I show them når man ser dem i virkeligheden. Forhåbentlig vil det lokke nysgerrige gæster til.

Hvis jeg fortsat nyder mine workshops, vil jeg prøve at etablere gæstetaler-events i 2022. Men men små skridt, små skridt. Næste workshop er 24.11. og der er allerede to tilmeldte gæster. Den sidste workshop i 2021 er den 15.12. og også hertil er der to tilmeldte gæster. Så der er plads til 3 gæster mere til begge workshops.

Måske er det noget for dig? 


Yesterday was my big day. Rehearsal on how I would feel having guests. Who would have thought, that it would come to that? However, if you’ve read ABOUT me, I’m sure you will understand how difficult this step was for me. I’d invited some great women whom I knew could make me feel safe, and they all knew how my last 4 years had been. I knew in my heart, that they would be both honest and caring in their feedback. The exiting part that I needed to find out, was weather I would appreciate presenting my redesigns, whether I’d be nervous, whether I would feel comfortable in small groups in which we could end up talking about everything – and not being prepared beforehand. And yes, I was very nervous before my guests arrived.

I’d invited for 2,5 hours and time went fast. Even though I have to admit, that even though I was in “high alert” in the beginning about what was being said, how my body and my head reacted, I also started to feel pride and joy, and also humility, by presenting my redesigns. I even felt both interest and acknowledgement towards my creativity. I received very fine comments and ideas which I’ll include in my future redesigns.

The main thing for mere is, that today I feel relieved and with enough courage to let go of all my butterflies. And having said that I will post dates for workshops here in my website. I’m curious as to how far my information will get since I’m not on Facebook. But this is the way it has to be, when I want to be loyal to myself in this proces. In addition I’ll post link to these dates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. I’ll send out mails and I’ll distribute flyers to specific women in my neighborhood. Then I can only keep my fingers crossed in the hope that there is an interest in my workshops, my redesigns and my creativity.  

I hope to be seeing you. 


Last week it was 1 year and 7 months ago, since our Primeminister closed down Denmark in a pressconference. Due to Covid-19. It was also last week, that the last restrictions stopped and Covid-19 is now aligned with all other diseases in Denmark.

During my work translating my website into english, I also reread all my blogs. And in doing so I also relived some of my emotions since Corona started spreading in Denmark, well all over the world. And I’ve seen my friends and family – and myself – from other perspectives than ever before. Not all of them good but at least with some nice surprises too. My own personal boundaries has also shown themselves in many different ways, and so has my vulnerability.

Have you had time to stop and think of the pros and cons that Covid-19 has meant for you? Have you made any changes in your life, based on these last 19 months? Sold your house or flat, changed careerway or job, any comings or goings among your closest friends?

I haven’t sold my house (our house) but I have given it a lot of thought on how to make changes enabling us to enjoy our house and garden more instead of always working either indoors or in the garden. For obvious reasons I cannot make any career- og jobchanges as I was fired 4,5 years ago. But I have considered whether to make any changes hobbywise ie. with my workshop. And one of the major decisions I’ve taken is, that – for the time being – I will only invite customers and guests that are fully vaccinated. Now I “just” have to practise saying it out loud. We have more than enough challenges healthwise and there’s no reason to make them worse. That decisions also goes for friends and family of the house. That decision might cause various reactions. But that’s the way it has to be for us, if we want to feel safe and relaxed having other people around us. And no, so far we havent made any changes regarding our friends.

Having said all that, I’m looking forward to seing how it all turns out. I cannot wait to show all my redesigns but what if noone likes what I’m doing? But also hosting workshops and guestspeaker-events. And even though I’ve enjoyed my 41 years in various jobs and workplaces, made a lot of decisions, facilitated changes – then I’m also looking forward to finding out whether that’s still a high priority for me. I do hope so, because I’ve decided that I am entitled to 41 years outside the labor market and they have to be good. Very good. And maybe I’m not the only one in need of refreshing social skills. And that is also something I’m looking forward to discovering.

As it is right now, I only have a few pages to translate. And once I’m satisfied with my work, I’ll upload dates for workshops as well as guestspeaker-events. I’ll send out mails, update Google and afterwards I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope to see all my dreams come true.

I almost forgot; I’ve also decided to upload some of my jewelry and see if I can sell it. I need to clean them and take pictures and then you’ll be able to find them under ACCESORIES. Besides workshops and guestspeaker-events, I’m also considering inviting to events where we can all bring belts, bags ie. more stuff lying around, that we do not like to throw out or to give away. Maybe it’s time to see, if our stuff could bring joy into other peoples lifes? More about this later on.

It’s time for me to finalize my translation and then I truly hope to see you soon.

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