Name:                Janeth Svendsen

Adress:           Horseløkke 15, 4622 Havdrup

Open:                By appointment


Mobile:             +45 4082 9038

Skype:                janeth.svendsen


It is my sincere hope that you will find inspiration going through my website. And maybe you’ve come up with some ideas about how I might be able to help you redesigning some of your favorite clothes. It would be my pleasure to work with you reviewing your old clothes and come up with ideas on how to redesign some of the clothes that once was your first choice when you looked into your wardrobe. With a bit of imagination and creativity I’m sure we will come up with ideas on how to make you fall back in love with your once-upon-a-time-favorite clothes. And remember; I redesign clothes for the entire family.

I am very much aware of the challenges that we’re all facing in these difficult times due to Corona. Both my husband and I are in the risc group and are therefor very careful about inviting anyone into our house. And yes, we have to be considerate and helpfull towards each other whereever we go and whatever we do. But at the same time my husband and I also agree that we will not put our lifes on hold until a vaccine is available and makes it possible for us to live our lifes as before Corona. This is why I suggest that we meet in our garden during summertime because then I will be able to place my clothes racks as a fitting room. This way you are able to view my present collection and try on some of my clothes that you might find interesting.