Refresh your old clothes with a new look

Since 2017 I’ve enjoyed redesigning my old clothes. Then I asked family and friends to give me their old clothes instead of giving it to Red Cross or other recycle shops. And now I enjoy spending time redesigning old clothes to something funny and useable again. Especially if I can make people see that black isn’t always the solution or if I can open peoples eyes for trying on clothes which they never would have considered earlier. My redesigns are for men, women, children, adults, undersize and oversize.

During spring 2020 I was ready to visualize my new hobby. I really looked forward to showing you my collection. And to inspire you to bring some of your old clothes to me and to let me redesign it for you. Also I looked forward to opening our home to creative workshops and exciting guestspeakers.

We have to take care of one another

And then, out of the blue, we all faced Corona and its many challenges. Our daily lifes were turned upside down. Both my husband and I are in the riskgroup and are very carefull letting anybody in our house. And yes, we have to take care of ourselves and each other. But at the same time my husband and I agree that we will not put our lifes on stand-by until a vaccine hopefully will bring back our life as we knew it. We have had more fun times but we still try to focus on the positive things in life, while we are isolated.

And this is why we decided that time has come to welcome you and others. Even though we will prioritize having visitors when the weather allows us to be in our garden. Then I’ll roll out my collections into the garden, place them in a circle to form a dressing room which makes it possible for you to take a look at my collection or to try on my clothes. Should it rain just a little bit, I’m sure we can find a space in the garden sheltered from the rain. Provided it’s warm enough to stay outside. Naturally we will keep the distance as the guidelines from “Sundhedsstyrelsen/Danish Health Authority” recommends us to do. I look forward to seeing you and I hope that you will accept that I can only invite max 2 persons at a time. I’m confident that pictures and videoes will support us if you want guidance before shopping.

And should you decide to wait until we’re on the safe side of Corona, I will understand it completely. Because we have to be carefull to others and to ourselves during these Corona challenges. Meanwhile you’re most welcome to subscribe to my newsletters in order to keep informed about new things in my collection. All subscribes will be able to particpate free of charge once I can welcome you all to workshops and guestspeaker events.

At FieFit Redesign you will get clothes that no one else has

My goal is to make you the clothes that are unique for you and that will fit naturally into your daily life.


My prices are based on using materials that I already have in my creative workshop or that you bring to me to redesign. My goal is to use recycle and upcycle materials thus allowing us to avoid buying new things. This way it’s only my time that you pay for. Even though I do not charge by the hour. I hope you will find that my prices are fair and within reach for most people.

Washing instructions

Together with pictures, descriptions and measurements in cm, you will always find a washing instruction. I will always inform about what materials the clothes are made of. The majority of the clothes in my collection have already been washed. This way I’m able to guide you on how to treat the clothes in order to keep it looking good for as long as possible.  

Size guides

Because I redesign the clothes I will always inform of the new measurements in cm. The measurements will include breast, waste, hips and length. In the pictures where I show you my collection you can compare based on my measurements: I’m usually a size 40/42. My measurements are: Breast: 108 cm. Waste: 97 cm. Hips: 108 cm. The only thing I have in common with Marilyn Monroe is the hight; 1.64 cm 🙂 Marilyn Monroe weighed 68,7 kg, her breast-waste-hip measurement were: 107-92-106 – I only wish …

This is also why my clothes is impossible to sell online. For your own sake it’s much better if you try it on first.

The measurement for breast is measured underneath the armholes. The length is measured from upper should and down. I’ll also write if the clothes is elastic in any way and the opposite.  

It is my goal to focus on making redesigns for all shapes and sizes. And I especially hope that you would like to tell me about wishes that you may not be able to express when you’re shopping on a regular basis in shops. I am doing my outmost to make the impossible possible and to make your wishes come true. Let’s get creative together to make it possible to redesign the clothes excactly the way you want it to be.  

How much clothes is lying, untouched and unloved, at the back of your closet?

Come to think of it, it’s sad to think that this was once your favorite clothes, right?

Let me get my hands on this clothes, even though it might not be trendy today I’m sure that all this clothes needs is a redesign. And I do have an eye for that because, like you, I do not like throwing out good materials. And maybe memories.

If I’m right, how about bringing me that clothes and let’s see if we can work out something together. Maybe you’ll get inspiration from my present collection to redesign your clothes. Or maybe you find something you like and want to take it with you. My goal is to provide you with some fun and “new” clothes based on what you already have. And if I succeed I get to use my creative skills. What’s not to like?

My entire collection is described in cm and not in European sizes. This way you will find ½ sizes meaning if you are a large size 42 and a small size 44 and never really fit the mainstream collections, then you might find something just the right size in my collection.

Custommade bags

Do you know the feeling of packing the trunk of your car with bags that always leaves lots of space which is not used? I know the solution to that. If you take measurements of your trunk I will make custommade bags that fits your trunk or skibox. Or maybe you have a painting or other things that you always have difficulties carrying because you do not have the right bag with the right size? Bring the material to me and let me make the bag you need. Or maybe you’re tired of trying to lift a heavy bag into the cabincompartments in the plane? I have lots of material to make just the perfect cabinbag for you.

Custommade garden cusions

If your garden cushions have seen better days I’m sure we can find materials to make them look new again.


My snugglerings er perfect to spoil your pet. Both dogs and cats with lots of fur sometimes prefers to lay on the cold floor. But then they need something to lay their head on. To snuggle into. Or you can use them as your cozy corner with your grandchildren while reading a book for them. Or as an alternative to the breastfeeding pillows that you buy in shops.

Let’s find the right design, size and material together. I have lots to choose between.

Butterflies for your flowers

This is an alternative way to decorate your flowers with my beautifull butterflies.

Creative workshops

When the time comes and we can be together in a more normal way again you’re most welcome to bring your knitting, crochet or other creative things you’re working with. Or maybe you want to tell us about an exiting book or seminar that you want to recommend. If you know how to lace then I’m sure we are several who would love to learn how to do.

I will invite small groups of 6-8 people and make the settings for some creative and fun hours together.


I have already lined up 4 exiting guestspeakers to come and inspire and inform you of many different things. As soon as Corona allows us I will publish dates and times.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my website and hope to be seeing you.

FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

Subscribers to my newsletters will receive updates including “before” and “after” pictures of new things in my collection. Both for inspiration but also things for sale. Subscribers will also be invited free of charte to both workshops and guestspeaker-events. If you have special requests or suggestions for guestspeakers, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you either to fiefit@outlook.com or by phone +45 4082 9038

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