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Since 2017 I’ve enjoyed upcycling – or redesigning – recycled clothes. I started by using some of my own clothes. Then I asked family and friends to give me their old clothes and now I enjoy upcycling to something fun and usefull at the same time. I particularly enjoy if I can change fixed ideas of what to wear. My upcycled clothes are for both men, women, adults and children of all sizes. And I guarantee that you will find something in my collection that noone else has.

In the beginning of 2020 I was ready to tell everybody about my new hobby. I really looked forward to showing you my redesigns. And maybe also inspirere you to upcycle some of your own clothes that you cannot find in your heart to throw out but at the same time you cannot decide when to use it. And I also was looking forward to welcoming you to my creative workshops and exciting guestspeaker events.

Covid restrictions

And then suddenly we were all met with Covid challenges and restrictions that turned our our daily lifes upside down. And since both my husband and I are in the risk of getting really ill, should we catch the Corona, we decided to isolate ourselves and to let noone in. And we have, without a doubt, experienced more positive things in life, than being isolated.

When upcycling clothes I thereby change the sizes from standard European sizes to “inbetween” sizes. That is why I always write measurements in cm. Which also is the reason that my upcycled clothes are not meant to be sold online. It’s far better that you drop by and try the clothes on and see for yourself how it fits. Unfortunately that is not possible for the time being and until it is I recommend that you subscribe to my newsletters and then I’ll update you on new redesigns. Please also note, that all subscribers will be able to participate free of charge when I invite to workshops and guestspeaker events.


My primary goal is to use recycled materials and by that avoid having to buy new things. This way it is primarily my time that is covered in my prices.

Washing instructions

Together with each picture on my website, you will find a description of materials and how I recommend that you wash the clothes. This way I’m able to guide you on how to wash and treat the clothes in order to maintain it for as long as possible.

Clothes sizes

As mentioned I always give sizes in cm instead of European standard measurements. Meaning breast, waist width, hips and length. The clothes that you see me wearing in the pictures are a size 42/44. My meassurements are breast: 108 cm. Waist width: 97. Hips: 108. Sadly the only thing I have in common with Marilyn Monroe is the hight; 1.64 🙂 Marilyn Monroe weighed 68,7 kg, her breast-waist width-hips measurements were: 107-92-106 – deep sigh …

I measure breast from beneath each sleeve. The length is measured from the top of the shoulder and down. I also write if the clothes is flexible or the opposite. I thrive to include all sizes and I’m confident that you will find designs here, that you cannot find elsewhere. 

Custommade and especially for you

All of the above are placed under the sheet: “Wishes” and I hope you will find time to check out my website and look forward to be seeing you in 2021. Take care.

FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

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