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When I was still working, I always appreciated knowledgesharing and networking, and I know that is one of the things I’ll miss since I retired. Learning new things, getting new impressions of areas that are new to me, has always teased my curiosity. By inviting to creative workshops, I hope to be able to fill out that void in my life.

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What – how – when

During 2022 I have held monthly workshops in my home. Even though it’s been working very well, I think time has come for renewal of how to host these workshops.

Instead I will host online workshops in 2023 on demand. ie. workshops held as Webinars and at your request. Maybe you have friends scattered all over Denmark, or maybe also abroad. And sometimes you wish, you were able to meet them more often, and not only on SoMe.

In these online workshops we can still see and hear each other. And the good thing is that we do not have to think about time to travel, weather challenges or even Covid restrictions at all. That’s a nice thought, right?

All you need to do, is to send me a mail to or SMS to +45 4082 9038, and we’ll talk about when and who to invite. Then you just leave it all to me and I’ll set up the online workshop. Preferably on Skype, because that’s easy for everyone to access either by computer or an app – and it’s free.

Leisuretime for creative work, combined with a good laugh

My workshops are intended for you who needs a place to share your creativity and also to get inspiration from other creative persons. I hope my workshops will facilite good dialogues, fun as well as serious but overall giving dialogues. And hopefully some good laughs too. I believe we could all need this kind of vitamines in our daily lifes.

Inspiration til GDS

A good advice is always free of charge and I would be very proud if you’ll be able to find inspiration from my FieFit Redesigns. If you’re not up for DIY, feel free to look into my collection. You might find what you’re looking for.

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