I’ve always been very outspoken and I know that one of the things I’ll miss from when I was working, is meeting other people. Learning new things, getting new impressions of areas that are new to me, has always teased my curiosity.

By inviting to workshops and guestspeakerevents, I hope to be able to fill out that void in my life. Having to deal with isolation and absence from family and friends hasn’t made it easier. And dealing with my anxiety of getting Covid-19 I also have to be honest and loyal to myself and therefor I’ve decided only to invite you to my home provided you are vaccinated. This way I hope to offer safe surroundings for all of us when we, hopefully, sit together maybe 6 persons in my living room.

If you want to participate in either my creative workshops or my guesspeakerevents, please check the dates stated in each tab below.