I am planning guestspeaker events with the following 3 guestspeakers who each has very different topics to talk about: 

  1. Echonomy and retirement for women
  2. Portrait of an extraordinary company in Denmark, with a refreshing approach to employees as well as customers
  3. Worklife balance with a holistic approach

Time and price (if any) will be informed in this site as soon as possible. If you want to be informed by mail, please drop me a line on either or text me: +45 4082 9038.

Even though I’m translating my site to english, the above guestspeakerevents will be held in Danish. However, if you can gather a number of people, who will be interested in hearing the guestspeaker in english, I will be happy to ask the guestspeakers if they could be interested in an additional event, held in english. Could be fun for me too, because it’s a good way to maintain my english skills, so bring it on and let’s see what happens.

As mentioned in my introduction to my workshops and guestspeakerevents, I’ve decided to invite guests who are Covid-19 vaccinated.