Creative workshops

It seems like we’re getting back to almost normal and we’ve also started having family and friends come visit us. Still, I have to ensure that when I invite guests for my creative workshops, that we can all relax and feel safe. Which is why, I’ve decided to invite guests with Covid-19 vaccination. I’ve written a bit more about my reason why under EVENTS.

It is my intention to start up with a few dates at a time for my creative workshops. The dates will be published in this page in the nearest future. If you want to be updated by mail, please drop me a line to or text me at +45 4082 9038.

All kinds of creativity are welcome at my workshops: crocheting, knitting, jeweldesign etc. If you know how to make lace, I’m sure that it would be absolutely amazing. If you haven’t started on either, maybe you can find inspiration from my other guests or maybe you want to be inspired on how to redesign your own clothes. I have some ideas here and I have a lot of clothes that we can test your skills with. Or bring some of your own, at let’s see if we can come up with something. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of changes to make it work again.

My creative workshops are thought as a place to either share your inspiration with others or to find inspiration from other creative people. No matter what, it is my goal to open my home to some fun, creative and inventive hours – and hopefully also a lot of laughs. I think we all need that. 

A good advice is free of charge and it could be so much fun, if you were able to find inspiration in my website and even more fun, if we could work together on whatever you decide to do.