Revive your favorite clothes by upcycling

In the following pages you will find some of the redesigns I’ve made. My goal is to show you new, simple and fun ways to upcycle your old clothes. You will find new ways to combine and redesign all kinds of clothing. Luckily we live in a time and age where almost everything is “trendy” and there are no limits on how to combine colours and patterns. Which makes it much easier to upcycle and redesign. The most important thing is that we feel comfortable in whatever we decide to wear. And maybe you will find it possible to wear other designs and colours than you’re used to.

Say you always tend to choose black then I guarantee you, that we can find other colours to combine, if we put our heads together and think outside the box. Or maybe you always choose designs that covers your butt, and maybe that’s not even necessary. Wouldn’t it be fun? No matter what size or favorites you usually choose, I’m sure that we can inspire each other to try new ways of thinking.

Vintage from our grandparents

If we are so lucky that we’re able to upcycle clothes from our grandparents, we are remembering and honouring their lifes, which I’m sure our grandparents would have loved. If you get the chance to enherit clothes from your grandparents, please do not throw it out. Bring it to me and let’s see what we can do.