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Taylormade for you

Do you also find it hard to find gardencushions that matches the size of your gardenfurniture? And when you finally find someone you like, then they’re very expensive? If your present gardencushions still has okay filling, then drop by and maybe we can find some fabric in my workshop, that fits. Below tabs will give you examples of our own gardencusions with new upholstery. Here you will also find inspiration for your sofacushions. I’ve got lots of fabric in all colors and designs.

Do some of your grandchildren still like when you read out loud to them? Or do they like to show you stuff in their tablets? How about a place to snuggle up and spend some time with them? Or maybe your dog or cat needs a place to snuggle up? Are you still looking for a basket for either cat or dog with just the right sizes? Maybe my snugglering is the solution for you? This is also good for the dog that likes lying on the cold floor but still likes to have some edge to snuggle into.

Morocco floor cushions are popular again. If you have fabric of your own, or if you like some of the fabrics I have, then I can make a Morocco floor cushion in the excact size that you want. The filling can be made of old quilts, pillows or duvets that are no longer in use.

In that case you might wanna take a look at my Snugglerings, check under tab 3 below.

Sometimes we need a bag with crazy and skewed measurements. You’ve looked high and low in all kinds of shops; without any luck. I’ll be happy to sew your bag in the excact measurements and I have lots of fabric to choose between.

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