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2020.12.14.; Merry christmas and a happy new year

Even though Covid-19 has prevented me from inviting guests to FieFit Redesign this year, I still want to wish my readers – and hopefully future guests – a merry christmas. 

I do hope that Santas workshop is placed in an area from which he can get approvals for flight and landing during christmas. That he’s able to keep all his elfs around the world working, and that he’s able to bring joy to a lot of children missing out on so many things this year. I know, I’ll be happy to pay for any overweight for his slayrides. 

My most sincere wishes of a merry christmas this year, even though it you will only be able to be together with the closest family. Maybe in the same livingroom and maybe via Skype or Teams.  

Because I haven’t been able to invite you to my home yet, neither to workshops nor to guestspeaker-events, I’ve spend time with Maggie biking throughout Havdrup putting 1000 Flyers into 1000 mailboxes during this summer. I hope it will spread the interest for my redesigns and draw guests to my workshop. 

Despite of Covid-19, I’ve welcomed a few customers during 2020, naturally we wore facemasks. And even though my customers were satisfied with my redesigns made from their own clothes, as well as with my own redesigns, I’ve decided only to make redesigns based on my own ideas. Making redesigns based on customers own clothes, has made me more stressfull than I’d imagined, and that was not the general idea for me. However, I will continue making custommade bags, snugglerings, covers to garden cushions and hopefully also my butterflies. 

If all goes according to The National Board of Health, all Danes will get invitations to be vaccinated during 2021. And hopefully a lot of us will accept the invitation, enabling us to get back to almost normal lifes. As soon as my husbond and I are fully vaccinated, I will update my website with dates for workshops and guestspeaker events. And I really look forward to welcoming you.  

Undtil then I want to wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy – infection free – new year. 

2020.07.04.; if only ties could talk …

Zippers, lace, velvet-ribbons and ties. Some of the important elements when I redesign. Yesterday I washed all the ties I’ve received from friends, family and neighbours. I washed two machine-full and they were all washed twice. Once on delicate wash and second time with fabric softener. And finally they were all tumbledryed. Not all ties survived, but the ones that are left, are smelling sooo good and I’ve ironed them all.  

As you will see from my redesigns, I’ve already included ties many times. And most of the clothes I redesign, are washed and ironed, in order for me, to be able to give you a good washing instruction, and to make my redesigns last for as long as possible. My reason for using fabric softener – which I normally do not use due to climate – is because I’m guessing that not many of these ties have ever been washed. And I prefer when clothes smells good and looks clean.

While ironing them it suddenly occured to me, all the things that these ties must have seen or heard – I mean if ties could talk … My guess is, that a major part of the black ties might have been used at funerals and weddings. Maybe some of them even danced the first dance with the bride. Or maybe the black ties were placed on the guy walking besides the coffin and afterwards listened to the speech held for the late wife or mum.

The funny ties with christmas decorations and girafs, might have spend many a christmaslunch, hanging round the neck of the manager that might have become a bit drunk. Maybe you’ve even danced with one of the ties? And maybe the tie with the giraf, was worn by the dad holding the speech for his daughter at her confirmation, and she became SO embarrassed of her crazy dad.

The ordinary and common ties in suttle colors, might have sit in on business meetings with suppliers listening to millions changing hands. Or maybe they sat on the employee participating in a meeting, while thinking only of when he could go home and play with his kids.

Today, it’s very rare that we see men wearing ties. Apart from Donald Trump and some politicians having meetings in the EU. Maybe a few ties sees the light of day at funerals and weddings. And strangely enough, most of the men that gave me their ties, just wanted to keep 2 or 3. Just in case.

And now I see ties are used on skirts, for aprons, pillows and bags. I’ve even put a few on jeans. So if you have ties of your own, with their own stories, then bring them to me. And then let’s see what we can make of them. This way the stories lives on – almost like hearing the ties talking …

2020.03.27.; and then came Covid-19

Two years after I was fired from my job, I was finally ready to “go live” with my workshop. I started designing Flyers intended to distribute locally, and I prepared how I wanted to host workshops and guestspeaker-events. Draft for my Flyers and a new business card, was sent to a small designcompany; DPUdesign and before long I received a samle of both. Butterflies in my stomach started to fly, because finally the time had come for me to introduce all my redesigns, and to find out if anybody liked them at all.

I also initiated arrangements with guestspeakers, enabling me to resume knowledgesharing, getting an insight of how people chose to tackle their daily lifes. All in all; getting back to meeting people, broadening my horizon again. All the things that I really missed, from when I was working.

And as you all know, by the end of February – beginning of March this year, everything and everyone was put on hold. And now we are facing challenges that only few of us has ever tried before.

Personally I hope, that this Pandemic will be an eyeopener for the many people, that has taken too much for granted for way too long. I also hope, that the kindness and flexibility that we also see these days, will last. Both regarding the way our Government negotiates between parties, the way big as well as small companies steps up and show they can think outside the box. And last but not least, the way we treat one another. Imagine, if – despite of everything – this pandemic could bring some positive learning – some day.

But until then, I must confess, that I’m worried and scared of how, and not least, when we’re through this Pandemic. If ever. And most of all because I see, hear and read about so many people telling themselves, and everyone else, that they are strong, young and healthy and thus have nothing to worry about. No need to follow restrictions. And that makes me question, why on earth these people cannot see, that their own parents and grandparents might end up paying the price for this selfishness. And that is why I hope that these people will see this pandemic as an eyeopener with consequences.

Besides DPUdesign, I know a lot of small and middlesized companies, that’s in a very uncertain situation, because they do not know, if they can survive the Pandemic. I do hope that our Government keep their promises, and that the packages they are preparing, for big and middlesized companies, for employees etc, will make sence and ensure that Denmark will get back as the society and the country that our ancestors have fought so hard for, and which we all are enjoying the benefits from today.

My husband and I are managing by shopping online, and we also get help from neighbours and friends. We do not go shopping in ordinary supermarkets and we let noone in. When we walk our dog; Maggie, we keep at a distance, when meeting other dogwalkers. The truth of the matter is, that if one of us gets infected it could get very serious. So yes, we might act more carefull that others, but this is what makes us feel safe. Luckily, we have our beautiful home and garden to enjoy and to maintain, I have my workshop and the amount of redesigns are growing each day, and I cannot wait to show it to you.

But we miss hugging family and friends. We miss having a good laugh. And yes, Skype and phonecalls, mails and chats are valued nowadays, but that’s not the same. We call it “skin-hunger”. I keep repeating to myself, that it’s only a question of time. That before we know it, we are sitting with a chilled glass of Rosé in the garden, saying “remember when we were isolated and couldn’t be together”.

Take care, and be safe.

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