BLOG 2019

2019.02.26. – Welcome to two new life stages

In August 2020, I participated in a seminar, with Jytte Hilden as guest-speaker. Her subject was how women kept their job, even after everyone else believes that we’ve reached retirement and thus no longer are considered being a professional asset. Even after so many years, I still recall her spark and carisma. I believe her subject is so important for all women, still today, and I’ve taken the liberty to repeat some of her thoughts and reflections while adding just a touch from my own life as well. It is my hope, that below will initiate your own thoughts and wishes for your future; while working and even at the end of your worklife.

My great grandmother had 3, my grandmothers had 4 and my mum and I had 5. Maybe there’s room for yet another, once my nephews gets older. Maybe, maybe not.

I’m talking about life stages.

My great grandmother; Kerstine Mikkelsen was born in 1875. When my Grandma Stine and her generation were just a baby, they could expect a life as a child, then she was confirmated and all of a sudden she was a grown up. She got married, stayed at home taking care of my grandmother and her 13 siblings. My great grandmother was 36 when she gave birth to my grandmother, and my grandma was one of the youngest children. After Grandma Stine had given birth to 14 children, she was old according to the society and also in her own mind herself. I have not yet finalized our family Tree and do not know how old she was when she died. But based on the pictures, she looks as if, she got very old. And I’m sure, she felt, that she had lived her life, the only way possible.

That is 3 life stages for women born late 1800; child, adult, old. With all due respect for being old, that was a long time in a woman’s life.

My grandmother on my mothers side; Sigrid Kirstine was born in 1911 and my grandmother on my fathers side; Nathalia Wilhelda Zenia was born in 1904. My grandma Sigrid Kirstine was 23 when she gave birth to my mum, and my grandma Nathalia, was 30 when she gave birth to my dad. They were lucky, because in their generation they invented youth. At that time they were called “backfisch”. Later on, in my mums youth, it was called teenager. Today they are called Tweens. As I recall, my grandma Sigrid Kirstine looked after their home and the children and my grandfather of course. Besides that, I look back at a great grandma, and we visited them a lot. My grandfather was man of the farm, and had many jobs when he was younger. Later on, I recall that he was working in a factory making “Margrethe-bowl”.

My grandma Nathalie sewed shoppingbags in their cellar, in my dads old room. My baby brother and I helped her making the handles while she was sewing. Like my grandma Sigrid Kirstine, she didn’t work from home. My grandfather worked as a baker at “Røde Vejrmølle” and at his old age I recall him working at Ford. I lost my grandma Nathalia a couple of weeks before my confirmation. My grandma Sigrid Kirstine died shortly before she turned 80. And her husband died a couple of years earlier. They were “old” for more than 1/3 of their lifes. And neither of them thought it could be any different. As I recall them all, they seemed happy and content with both their spouses and their lifes as such. I never saw any of them when they were sad or mad. Neither of my grandmothers lived to meet my nephews.

Now we’re up to 4 life stages for the woman born in the early 1900; child, young, adult and old.

My mum was born in 1934 and she started working on a farm, when she was 16 years old. Her schooling was very unstable because she and her siblings had chores at home, and they were first priority. My mum and dad got married in 1956. I was born in 1959 and my baby brother in 1962. My mum took care of us until we started in school and after that she started working in various jobs; factory, salesperson in shoes and ladies clothing. After she retired, she worked as a mentor to a group of immigrant women, later on as gardener in the community Activitycenter and later on she became visiting-friend once a week.

My mum, and generations after her, now has 5 life stages; child, young, adult, senior and old.

Have you considered how many life stages you have? And how you want to use them?

2019.01.01. – Velkommen til et nyt år

Rigtig godt nytår til alle. Jeg bliver altid lidt stille på denne første dag i et nyt år. Joh, selvom det kan være svært at tro så syntes jeg, at der er noget andægtigt og tankevækkende, når et sprit nyt kalenderår venter.

Andægtig fordi jeg føler, at jeg skal være ydmyg overfor muligheden for at få lov at bruge endnu et år på lige det jeg har lyst til. Og tankevækkende fordi de seneste 365 dage er forsvundet som dug for solen. Og så er der jo ingen garanti for i morgen for nogle af os og derfor syntes jeg, at man skal være taknemmelig for hver dag man får.

Så du hendes majestæt Dronningens nytårstale igår? Fantastisk som hun hvert år formår at ramme lige ind i hjertet på os alle. Altid en sætning eller et emne som vi alle husker i løbet af året der kommer. Sidste år skulle vi huske at være unyttige og i år skal vi kigge op og ind i øjnene på vores medmennesker og vise næste kærlighed. Jeg indrømmer, at jeg er royal dybt inde i hjertet men dygtige kvinder har jeg respekt for. Og vores dronning er både dygtig og empatisk.