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a) Prisera) Prices
b) Tøjstørrelseb) Size guide
c) Vi skal passe på hinandenc) Corona guidelines
d) Gavekortd) Gift card

Updating this library is a work in progress. It will be finalized by September 1st 2020. This is to help you find translations from danish to english.

You will then have 3 entry points to find english translations:

  1. When you open the menues in danish you will always find “in english” marked with green in the top. Here you will be linked to an english translation.
  2. Each menu will show you all the submenues in danish from the top. The last item in each menu is called “in english” and the danish submenues will be translated here. As demonstrated in the schedule above. Then you can press links that will direct you the the specific submenu you need.
  3. The last of the main menues is called “English library”. Here you will find an excact mirror of the danish menus and submenus.