I’m constantly working on ideas to make redesigns for men and boys. Even though the principals are the same I cannot keep steeling my husbands shirts and pants. To increase the size I use ties, Jeansfabric or other fabrics as long as the colors matches. Or I combine two shirts or sweatshirts.

Below is an example of two of my husbands shirts which had become too small. Because the fabric was comfortable wearing and the shirts wasn’t worn out, I decided not to throw them out. By combining the two, I made one new shirt.

Breast: (measured under the armhole): is now changed from 114 cm to 126 cm. In this case I didn’t change the length. Corresponds to approx. size 54/56. If you like what you see, I recommend that you check this page out from time to time, because more redesigns will be uploaded here. Or feel free to subscribe to my newsletters and receive the information once it’s uploaded.

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