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Dear reader

My creative workshop started out in 2018 and in 2023 I decided to stop production. I’ve donated most of the residual stock to local recycling shops and the few items I’ve kept, are still available on Trendsales. You will find links to Trendsales below each item under the GDS/DIY sheet.

From now on I will keep updating this website as an inspiration catalogue in order to show you how I’ve chosen to redesign various pieces of clothing, how I’ve designed cushion covers, carbags, computerbags, snugglerings for pets, knitting patterns and many other creative things.

When I participated in the entrepreneur course in 2018, I was first mover within redesign as such. By then it was only recycle shops working with recycled clothes. Words like redesign and upcycling didn’t even appear on Google.

During and after the Covid pandemic, the focus on recycling, upcycling and redesigning became very interesting for almost all Danes, which of course is really good for our climate. But I must admit, that I do not have what it takes to be present on SoMe in the extent it would need, if I were to compete with all the providers you can find now on SoMe.

Of course I will still be redesigning, knitting and whatnot. Only from now on, it will only be for my own purpose. However, new ideas and inspiration will still be available on this website.


FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

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