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In Denmark we love to use english words. When I choose to use the word Redesign, it’s because I combine several pieces of clothes, materials. I add zippers and blonds. I change the length, the width and the hight. In other words I take recyclet clothes and upcycle it to my Redesigns – easy, right?

And yes, you will find many different names for what I do. Danish, english and even a combination of both languages. Upcyclet, visible mending, invisible mending, DIY, remake old clothes, repurpose old t-shirts. I’ve even found several Redesigns when I use the word Vintage. 

Upcycling is the keyword

My idea is to avoid throwing out old clothes. In my experience a lot of our old clothes are made of a very good quality. We can choose to Redesign either to take care of our climate by reducing production of new clothes. Or we can choose to Redesign because the size is wrong or because it needs a make-over in order for us to be interested in wearing it again.

Since 2017 I’ve enjoyed upcycling/redesigning – recycled clothes. I started by using some of my own clothes. Then I asked family and friends to give me their old clothes. Now I enjoy upcycling to something fun and usefull at the same time.

I particularly enjoy if I can change fixed ideas of what to wear. My upcycled clothes are for both men and boys, women and girls. Curve & Plus Size. Petite. Tall. And all sizes in between. And I guarantee that you will find something in my collection that noone else has. On this website you’ll also find DIY inspiration alongside lots of Redesigns that you can buy and use right away.

You can upcycle from almost all materials

I upcycle old curtains. I tear apart old furnitures and save the skin. I cut clothes into pieces and upcycle and reuse in my Redesigns. I’ve also made cushioncovers to our gardenfurniture. This enables me to save money and to reuse the old cushions. I’ve made special designes travelbags, computerbags to fit our car, a skibox or a particular size iPad or laptop.


All my Redesigns, ie upcycling, are based on recyclet clothing. The only things I buy new are thread, zippers, blonds. Most of which are bought in recycle-shops. This way it is primarily my time that is covered in my prices.

Washing instructions

Together with each picture on this website, you will find a description of how to do, what to do and washing instructions.

This way I’m able to guide you on how to maintain the clothes for as long as possible. Unfortunately I’m not always able to see what kind of materials are used and I will take that into consideration in my washing instructions.

Clothes sizes

When redesigning clothes I thereby change the sizes from standard European sizes to “inbetween” sizes. In order to make it easier for you to find Redesigns that fits you, I’ve made a sizeguide. Attached to each description and picture of my Redesigns, I always write measurements in cm. Meaning breast which I measure from beneath each sleeve. Waist. Hips. Length is measured from the top of the shoulder and down. I also write if the clothes is flexible or the opposite.

I thrive to include all sizes and I’m confident that you will find redesigns here, that you cannot find elsewhere. The clothes that you see me wearing in the pictures are a size 42/44. My meassurements are breast: 108 cm. Waist: 97. Hips: 108. My weight is 70 kg. Sadly the only thing I have in common with Marilyn Monroe is the hight; 1.64 🙂 Marilyn Monroe weighed 68,7 kg, her breast-waist width-hips measurements were: 107-92-106 – deep sigh …

If you want to be updated on new Redesigns, open house, Black Friday, Christmasmarket etc, I recommend you to subscribe to my newsletters. All you have to do, is to send a mail to fiefit@outlook.com – mark it “News” or text me +45 40829038 and state your mailadress and mark “News”

FieFit Redesign by Janeth Svendsen

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