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Does your dog – or cat – love to lie on the cold floor? Sometimes they prefer that, if they have a lot of fur. If so, you might wanna try some of my snugglerings for your pet. This way your pet can snuggle while laying the head on the snugglering and still enjoy the coolness of the floor. As you can see on the pictures below, there is no bottom in this snugglering. I’ve also used it to make the backseat wider by putting the snugglering on the floor behind the frontseats. I still have one knitted snugglering for sale, but future snugglerings will be sewed of the fabric that either you bring or some of the fabric I have. Fillings can be made of just ordinary cushionfilling and I also have some “Krøyer-kugler” we could use.

In all of these solutions, I suggest we make an inner cover holding the filling and an external cover with a zipper, enabling you to wash the snugglering when needed.  

Alternative breastfeeding pillow

My snugglerings offers various ways to use. I can make it circular as shown in the pictures below or semicircular. If you choose the circular the snugglering surrounds both you and your baby. 

Knee- or back pillow

If you deal with backproblems, if you need a pillow between your knees or if you need support for your body at night, I’ll be happy to help you design a pillow specifically for your needs. Again we can fill it with soft pillow filling or we can use “Krøyer-kugler” which should be particularly good because they keep cold ie. you do not sweat having the pillow swept around you or close to your body. 

Comfy surroundings for snuggling with your grandchild

As well as mum having a snugglering around her and her baby, why not have the same when you are given time to snuggle up with your grandchild? Maybe when it’s time to read a goodnight story or you just want to spend some time alone – just the two of you? Sitting on the floor in the childrens room, or put it on the bed or sofa – you decide. I’ve knitted the covers for both snugglerings on the pictures below, are I’ve used ordinary cushion filling. This makes the snugglerings nice and soft to use. 

If you measure on the outside of the big snugglering below, it is approx. 280 cm.on the outerside, and approx. 190 cm om the innerside. Price: 175 DKK. Click and buy through my add in Trendsales, and have your snugglering delivered by DAO.  

My own dog Maggie is lying in the above snugglering and on the picture below to the left. She’s a collie and weighs 20 kg. The snugglering for the cat on the other pictures are approx. xx cm on the outside and xx on the innerside. Price: 150 DKK. Click and buy through my add in Trendsales, and have your snugglering delivered by DAO.  

Future snugglerings will be produced with an inner and outer fabric, as it takes a very long time to knit. The outer fabric will be with a zipper which makes it possible to take it off and wash it. You can order your snugglering in the excact size needed, and with a fabric of your choice from my stock. Or you’re welcome to bring your own fabric.  

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