Knitwear DIY

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Evidence states clearly, that you will be happier knitting

Many years ago I always knitted when we were driving to work. My husband was the driver 🙂 And now we see fysical and online yarnshops everywhere. I just read a psychologist stating, at evidence now shows, that you will be happier knitting; then what’s stopping you?

Mindfull knitting

We all know that Mindfulness is very usefull in moving focus away from pain. The pain doesn’t go away, but it’s equal important, that we learn how to move focus. Obviously we’re transported to another world, when we’re knitting. Our breathing gets deeper and we concentrate 100% about the knitwear. In addition we do not produce stresshormones. And we might experience that the knitting releases dopamin. The better we become at intricate recipes, the more yield we get mentally. At least according to Anne Kirketerp, who has a Ph.d in Psychology and has studied the Healthpsychological effects from needlework and crafts. Anne Kirketerp also states, that it becomes really hard to stop knitting once you’ve started. Anne Kirketerp explains, that it’s almost like an addiction you get from the kick you get when knitting.

Rainbowknitwear to our grandson

Some years ago one of our grandsons loved colors. And when he found out, that grandmother could knit, he ordered a sweater for himself. He let me decide shape and pattern and his only request was the zipper and a lot of colors.