Outerwear DIY

Knitted poncho

This poncho with a hood was originally in one color and to pull over your head. In order to make it more useable I cut it open in front and then I crochetted and edge all the way round the poncho. Then I braided a couple of strings and added some fun buttons. Now it can be both open and closed.

Ponchojacket in a very nice fabric

Because of some very big and clumsy sleeves, I never wore this great summer ponchojacket. Therefor I decided to remove the sleeves, and now I have a light poncho with linnen, and probably also waterproof, and I’m much more comfortable in using it again.

Sportsjacket with lace

We all know these sportsjackets. They come in all kinds of colors and shapes. I loved this color but I disliked the shape and especially the collar. They’re impossible to wear out but I think they’re to ordinary. I forgot to take “before” pictures, but I’m sure you recognize the shape. In this example I added laces, and changed the collar. And now I love wearing it again.

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