Curve and Plus Size

Homeknitted kimono

Knitted with 8/4 soft cotton-yarn. In the pictures you will see how I’ve knitted in a more unconventional way in order to avoid all the seams. Use the kimono as loose-fitting or as a sweater. I’ve added two crochetted ties in the front. My model is normally a size 48/50. The measurements of the kimono are breast: 150 cm and length: 80 cm. I recommend that you wash the kimono on Wool wash and in a laundrybag. If you want the kimono to feel more firm than it is now, you can use a 30 degrees delicate wash. The laundrybag will prevent the kimono from stretching in all directions.

Price today: 125 DKK. Before: 375 DKK. Itemno.: 2022-02-80. Click and buy through my add in Trendsales, and get your kimono delivered by DAO. 

From two pair of gentleman pants to skirt

The pants have been cut up and turned upside down. Pocket with zipper added in front. Two-way zipper in front from top to bottom. Cut it either in a straight line, curved or at an angle. You decide. Present length: 77 cm. Waist: 120 cm. I recommend that you wash the skirt on 30 degrees delicate wash and preferably in a laundry bag due to lace and zipper.

From wrap-around skirt, size 42 to skirt with zipper, size 48-52

An example of how to increase size in a skirt. I’ve added a zipper and a tie alongside in the front, which enables you to change til slit depending on your mood. Waist: 120 cm. Length: 88 cm. My model in the picture is a size 48-50 and as you can see, this skirt can be used for sizes between 48-52. It’s possible to add an elastic in the waistline fitting to the buyers wish and waist. No extra charge. By doing this, the skirt will fall naturally after the body in it. I recommend to wash the skirt on 30 degrees delicate wash.

Thai silk skirt to the Tall, Petite as well as Plus Size woman

Semi-taylormade – you decide all measurements

Orange and yellow flowers with green leafes on a black background. Heavy silky innerskirt 45 cm from top. Thai skirt is weakly transparent from innerskirt and down. Zipper in waistband and we make the final incisions in the waistband together. Waist up to 120 cm. Length up to 102 cm. Width on the bottom: 140 cm. Slit up to 50 cm in the one side. I recommend that you wash this skirt in a laundrybag and on a Wool program.

Breathable rosa blouse

Pale rosa breathable blouse with al almost invisible writing on the front. The standard rib border has been cut of and instead I’ve increased the length with some delicate fabric and lance. Breast: 122 cm. Length: 80 cm. Corresponds approx. to a size 44/46.

Breathable purple blouse

Pale purple with an almost invisible writing on the front. The backside has been cut up and a zipper has been added. The zipper goes from down and up. Buttons in top and bottom of the zipper. Breast: 122 cm. Length 80 cm. Corresponds to approx. a size 44/46.

Pink cotton blouse

This blouse is an example on how to increase size. The blouse was in a very good quality and by adding fabric both on the front, bag and sleeves, I increased the blouse by 2-3 sizes. The inserted fabric is originally a table cloth that matches the colors in the blouse. Breast: 122 cm. Length: 60 cm ie. an increase by 28 cm. Corresponds to approx. size 48/50. The width in the sleeves are the same but the length is increased by 6 cm.

From ordinary to more feminine

In this blouse I added a wide black lace in the bag and front thus increasing with several sizes. The edges in the neckline is then added with a velvetband. Breast: 130 cm. Length: 70 cm. Corresponds to approx. size 52. I recommend wash on 30 degrees delicate wash in laundrybag because of the lace but also the delicate material the blouse is made of.

More information on the skirt, click here. Itemno.: 2021-02-67

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