Snugglerings DIY

Snugglering, alternative breastfeeding pillow, knee- or backpillow, comfy surroundings for snuggling with your grandchild

If you have some leftover yarn, or some leftover fabric, and you need an idea on how to use it. Then you might consider making a snugglering your next project.

The only thing you need to invest in, is some cushionfilling that you can buy at a fair price at JYSK.

In return you can decide size, colour and thickness of the snugglering. Below you can see some examples of my snugglerings, that might inspire you.

Use the snugglering for your dog or cat, that loves lying on the cold floor. Or use it as a breastfeeding pillow and make it round or halfround, just the way you need it. Or make it into a size that fits between your knees or as support for your back. Or if you’re so lucky to have grandchildren who loves it when you read books to them, then you can make the perfect surroundings for you both. Put it on the bed, the sofa or even the floor, and spend some quality time with your grandchild.

On the picture below is one example of a snugglering. This one is made of two knitted layers. If you prefer to be able to wash your snugglering, then add a zipper in the outer layer.

The three pictures below are showing my own collie; Maggie, enjoying time in the big snugglering. The snugglering with the cat is for sale at 150 DKK. Click and buy. Measurements: 65 cm on the outside and 30 cm on the inside. If you measure all the way round the snugglering it’s 45 cm. The dog or cat will expand the snugglering according to its own size.

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