Thai silk skirt to the tall woman

Brown background colour. Orange and yellow flowers with gold. Black and green flowerprint. Heavy silk skirt 45 cm from top. Wakely see-through from innerskirt and downwards. Brown lace in waistline and at the bottom of the skirt. Zipper in waist. Waist: 90 cm. Length: 102 cm. Width below: 140 cm. 34 cm high slits in the side.

Price: 199 DKK. Itemno.: 2020-02-69. Click and buy through my add in Trendsales, and get your FieFit Redesign delivered by DAO. 

Thai silk skirt to the Tall, Petite as well as Plus Size woman

Semi-taylormade – you decide all measurements

Orange and yellow flowers with green leafes on a black background. Heavy silky innerskirt 45 cm from top. Thai skirt is weakly transparent from innerskirt and down. Zipper in waistband and we make the final incisions in the waistband together. Waist up to 120 cm. Length up to 102 cm. Width on the bottom: 140 cm. Slit up to 50 cm in the one side. I recommend that you wash this skirt in a laundrybag and on a Wool program.

From footballshirt and Pashminasjal to skirt

This old footballshirt was made of such a comfy quality that it would be a shame to throw it out. Instead I turned it upside down. Cut of neck and sleeves and instead of an elastic waste in the bottom of a shirt, the waist was now the top of a skirt. A matching Pashminashawl was added and the result is this fun and fancy skirt for the Tall woman/girl (in the picture I’m stading on a stool). Measured from top to bottom: 119 cm. Waist min: 84 cm. Waist max: 100 cm. Corresponds to approx. size 42/44.

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