Blouses DIY

From ordinary t-shirt to femine blouse

This t-shirt is made of 100% Cotton, which is airy and soft to wear. But a little to ordinary for me. I found some nice yarn in my yarn-box; 50% Cotton and 50% Wool and crochetted an addition to the sleeves, neckline and bottomline. I’ve washed it several times on 30 degrees delicate wash and the yarn keeps both shape and color.

From cloused blouse to open in the front

I prefer blouses that I do not have to pull over my head. And to avoid that I cut it open in front and added a zipper. A piece of lace was added to the back and now this blouse has increased at least one size. 

Repairing a pleated blouse

Pleated blouses and skirts are very difficult to repair. Regarding the blouse below I had two choices; either throw it out or try to be creative. Since I love pink and the fact that the blouse is airy and light, I took a chance. I cut of the blouse across, just over the spot where the pleating was ruined. Then I added a piece of English embroidery and now the blouse is as good as new. Only with a twist. Or redesign as I love to call it.

From blouse made of black lace to stola

In my mind it’s only a few people who succesfully can wear black. And yes, I know I might step on many toes here. But nevertheless there are alternatives. Black makes Scandinavian pale skin even more pale. Use it as a frame or with other strong colors, I think black has it’s justification. 

This beautiful and heavy lace blouse was cut into two parts and the upper part is now a stola. Wear it on top of other blouses and let another color shine through the darkness. I’ve crochetted the edges with velvetlike yarn, matching the lace.