Knitting patterns


Blue, green, white yarn: 160 masks. Needlepin no. 4. Twenty rounds to make room for elastic in the waistline. Then I turn the knitwear and knits straight on the pearlside. Two rounds. On the 3rd round I increase the size in each 10th mask = increases to 16 masks. Then I start with a sigle round of straight. Then ribknit for 20 cm. Again I increase in each 4th mask in every 10th in a total of 4 times. I end up with 430 masks. I’ve used 18 yarn wrenches of 50 gram each. This yarn is 100% acrylic and with sequens.

The only difference I made in the red, pink, white, beige and brown skirt, is that I used needle size 3 in the ribknit in order to make it fit more tightly.

I’ve seen the price per wrench at a price of 36 DKK online. I was lucky to buy these wrenches at a price of 2 DKK per wrench AND the money went to buy icecream in a summervacation to one of the girls living in my neighbourhood. A good purpose if you ask me.

Black, red and white knitted blouse

To be knitted cross over. 68 masks. 39 rows of white.

Front: same black needlepins; 2 straight, 14 pearlknitting, 12 white straight, 2 black straight, 4 black pearlknitting, 2 black straight.

Hosuband woolscarf

Hosuband; 80 % new wool and 20% polyamide. Drops Nepal; 65 % wool, 35% Alpaca, Grey/white; I’m guessing it’s acrylic or polyamide.