Knitting patterns

Common to all my knitwear is ..

.. that I design all my patterns, fits and sizes while knitting. In all honesty, it is because I cannot understand most knitting patterns. Having said that, you will not be able to find any of my own knittings anywere else. This is also why the sizes differ from standard european sizes and why I state measurements in cm instead. As is for all my other redesigns. If you like some of my knitwear, you might be lucky to find my own knitting patterns here.

A major part of my knitwear has funny color compositions. Mainly because I use yarn residues in order not to waste any yarn but also to avoid always having to buy new yarn. If possible, I try to use the same yarn type in one sweater. Anyhow, I always include washing instructions in order to avoid giving you unpleasant surprises when you start washing my knitwear.


Blue, green, white yarn: 160 masks. Needlepin no. 4. Twenty rounds to make room for elastic in the waistline. Then I turn the knitwear and knits straight on the pearlside. Two rounds. On the 3rd round I increase the size in each 10th mask = increases to 16 masks. Then I start with a sigle round of straight. Then ribknit for 20 cm. Again I increase in each 4th mask in every 10th in a total of 4 times. I end up with 430 masks. I’ve used 18 yarn wrenches of 50 gram each. This yarn is 100% acrylic and with sequens.

The only difference I made in the red, pink, white, beige and brown skirt, is that I used needle size 3 in the ribknit in order to make it fit more tightly.

I’ve seen the price per wrench at a price of 36 DKK online. I was lucky to buy these wrenches at a price of 2 DKK per wrench AND the money went to buy icecream in a summervacation to one of the girls living in my neighbourhood. A good purpose if you ask me.

Black, red and white knitted blouse

To be knitted cross over. 68 masks. 39 rows of white.

Front: same black needlepins; 2 straight, 14 pearlknitting, 12 white straight, 2 black straight, 4 black pearlknitting, 2 black straight.

Hosuband woolscarf

Hosuband; 80 % new wool and 20% polyamide. Drops Nepal; 65 % wool, 35% Alpaca, Grey/white; I’m guessing it’s acrylic or polyamide.

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