DIY Inspiration

How to revive your old clothes 

If you have the time and energy to redesign your own clothes, then check the examples below and find inspiration that makes it possible to do it yourself. And by redesigning your old clothes you also rediscover the joy of wearing it. 

    • A worn out collar be be replaced.
    • A stain can disappear in many ways.
    • A closed sweater you cannot use, let a zipper resolve your problem.
    • Funny edges in funny colors can hide stains, wear and tear.
    • Turn your old sweater upside down and redesign it to a skirt, legwarmers etc.
    • A pair of jeans sitting so tight and makes your butt look great, but has become to small, to wide, to long, to short. What to do? Add some fabric, fun buttons or scarfs and all of a sudden you have a skirt, a new pair of jeans with a new look.
    • A blouse which is suddenly to small, increase it by adding lace or matching fabric. 
    • A blouse which is suddenly become to big, combine it with another blouse or cut of a stain. 
    • Knitwear can easily be combined with other fabrics and change into skirts or kimonoes or …. 

Other DIY ideas

  • Old worn out shower curtains can be reused/redesigned in many ways. For instance if you need a cover for your garden furniture, your mower or other garden stuff that you want to shield from rain and snow. Cut the shower curtain to fit the garden table etc and sew a small channel round the edges and add an elastic into the channel. If you find it difficult to sew directly into the shower curtain, you can use a ribbon to make the edge more stiff. 

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