FieFit Redesign on social medias

It is first and foremost my priority to make this site as easy to use, inviting to spend time with and as updated as possible with new redesigns. My next step will then be to present before and after pictures on Pinterest.

You are most welcome to forward a link to my website, should you think it could be of interest to others.

I’m sure some readers will ask why I’m not on Facebook and/or Instagram. And to be quite honest, it’s because I’m not strong enough to deal with the negative and tough outbursts that, unfortunately, occurs to much on these medias. Having said that, I’ve always preferred face-to-face dialogues, or mails with one person. And I hope that my workshops and guestspeakerevents, will be filled with happy and positive people who – like me – wants to spend a few hours in pleasant company.